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Travian Answers

Def bonus: Points put into this ability increase the defence value of your whole army (means all own troops defending - the village where they come from is unimportant) by 0.2% per point (maximum of 20%) This bonus only applies if the hero is defending with the army.

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The recruitment bonus is multiplied with the corresponding hero items effects (Helmet of Mercenary etc). The philosophy bonus counts CP, which is produced only by buildings and hero helmets. Artworks, townhall celebrations and quest rewards do not benefit from the alliance bonus. The bonus from metallurgy is multiplied by the smithy upgrades.

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travian aliancny bonus
By building a Stone Wall, you can protect your village against the barbarian hordes of your enemies. The higher its level, the higher is the bonus given to your forces' defense. The Stone Wall can only be built by Egyptians, its defense bonus is like the Gaulish Palisade and its durability is comparable with the Teutonic Earth Wall.

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There you can see a column "Bonus". Bonus is a production added by constructed buildings or oases. Production bonus: It's a bonus given by buildings and oasis annexed to the village. Its total is given in a percentage.

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RoA feature - Alliance bonuses. Short description: Players from the alliance can donate resources in order to unlock various bonuses for all players of the alliance. There are 4 types of bonuses and each of them has 5 unlockable levels, which gradually increase the effect of a bonus.

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travian aliancny bonus
Here comes our first Feature "Alliance Bonuses". With this Video, we are starting a little Series of Videos, to show you all our new features for this years birthday special "Rise of Alliances

Travian: Legends "Rise of Alliances" Feature-Presentation

travian aliancny bonus
Alliance bonuses: To make the alliance bonuses more useful and players more willing to donate, we have changed the bonus for Philosophy and Commerce and decreased the cost for the first 4 steps. The culture point production bonus is increased from 2% to 4% per level. Merchant capacity is increased from 20% to 30% per level.

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In Travian there are four resources to be produced: crop (also called wheat), lumber, iron, and clay. All four are important but crop is vital since you will need enough to feed people and soldiers in your village. Also, some resources are more valuable to certain tribes. Gauls, for instance, need a lot of clay. Romans need a lot of iron and Teutons require an abundance of wood.

Rise of Alliances - Feature Introduction Part 1: Alliance

Points put into this ability increase the defence value of the whole army (means all own troops deffending - the village there they come from is unimportant) by 0.2% per point (maximum of 20%) This bonus only applies if the hero is defending with the army. Other defending troops not under your control will remain unaffected by this bonus.

Alliance Bonus & Deff points -

travian aliancny bonus
Hey, you can get to the alliance bonus page by going to `` (replace 'yourserver' with 'ts3.anglosphere' for Anglo3 example). That is also where you will be able to contribute to alliance bonuses. You can find the relevant info on T4 answers page here.

Lets talk about morale bonus (population difference def

TRAVIAN: LEGENDS. Guias & Tutoriais. Thread statistics; Managing Alliance Wings. Optimize; Apr 22nd 2020; Optimize. Beginner. Points 148 Posts 19. Apr 22nd 2020 #1; Hi - is there any strategy behind managing a two-wing alliance in terms of alliance bonuses? Should it be all top accounts in 1 wing to max bonus while the other wing has much less, or a balanced approach? Other considerations

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Single bonus oases will give you 25% production boost for a single resource where double bonus oases will give you 25% production boost for 2 resources. Usually double bonus oases have an extra crop bonus added to the primary bonus. In grey area you may find double bonus oases which give 50% production boost to any of the 4 resources.

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While in Travian: Legends, the artifact is always active for the owning village or account; the ancient powers in Travian: Codex Victoria need to be activated. They can be activated as soon as a player's alliance has achieved >50% territorial control and has held the territory for 24 hours. To activate an ancient power, an alliance member just needs a treasury at level 10 for ancient powers